3 Questions on Dog Food Delivery Services Answered

What factors do owners need to consider when choosing a dog food delivery service?

While most owners choose dog food delivery services because it saves time and helps to organize a pet’s diet, their convenience and affordability is not the only factor to consider. I’d recommend checking their food options and comparing them to traditional retailers: A service is worth trying if it offers recipes of higher quality and delivers them fresh.

Are there special considerations to take into account when opting for “human-grade” dog food? 

The first and foremost consideration here is that some people misunderstand the term “human-grade” itself. They believe that such food will be safer and healthier for their pet because, as defined by AAFCO, it’s “stored, handled, processed, and transported in a manner that is consistent and compliant with regulations for human edible foods.” However, this definition has nothing to do with the quality of food ingredients.

In other words, “human-grade” means “treated like human foods” rather than “made from better ingredients.” The standards for nutrients are the same for all pet food, so the “human-grade” recipes aren’t necessarily better than traditional ones.

Any thoughts/guidance on “trendy” dog diets like raw diets or homemade dog food?

For owners willing to put their dog on a raw meat diet, I’d advise studying the question inside out. There are no scientific proofs that such foods have benefits, so you’ll hardly risk your four-legged friend’s health, won’t you? The risks involve multiple nutritional imbalances, gastroenteritis, fractured teeth, constipation, and bacterial infections, to name a few. More details on the problem are here.

As for homemade dog food, some pitfalls are here too: No matter how hard you try to cook yummy and healthy dishes for your dog, it would hardly contain all the essential nutrients for his well-being. But if you want to give it a try anyway, the best option would be to ask a certified vet nutrition specialist for help. An expert will provide you with recipes that meet a pet’s nutritional needs.

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