A ‘dog find app’: is it a solution?

We live in the age of apps. No wonder there’re apps that can help you to find your lost dog. But you should be prepared first! Let’s dig in!

All those missing dog and cat posters you see are not very effective.

What if you could track your pet with GPS on your phone?

We interviewed Joan Stanley for you:

“When she goes for a walk, they’re both highly motivated to go after all the bunnies in the area.

We call her an escape artist. Our fence was a joke to her. Most fences are worried that he would be on the next missing dog poster in the park. She decided to try out an app to track your dog through a GPS device on his caller and the device.”

This is the device and it’s easy to pull on and off.

It’s called WHISTLE. It lets you set a safe zone for your pet. If they go out of that zone, you get a notification on your phone.

About 100 pets will go missing in their lifetime.

A whistle spokeswoman speaking by webcam says what started as a pet activity tracker added GPS and cellular geo tracking last year so pet owners can find Fido almost instantly. And I can zoom in. Kelsi shows us just how accurate it is.

That’s way out there. Yeah. So it’s almost down to the pets. Almost down to the parking space.

It’s not cheap. 79$ for the GPS device and between seven and ten dollars a month for the service plan. But Kelsey says when her dog recently went rabbit hunting, it was all worth it.

Thankfully, I saw exactly where he was and he wasn’t gone for more than five minutes.

Peace of mind. Her family, if her escape artist gets up to his old tricks. Touchdown. Good boy. She has a new one. Jaclyn Allen, Denver, seven.

Now, you do have to charge the GPS device on average every ten days. And meanwhile, now’s a good time before the fireworks and the thunderstorms to make sure your pet has an updated ID tag and microchip information.”

Ok, but are there alternatives?

Below you will find a list of lost pet apps:

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