Find my pet: here’s how I did it using visualization

“I lost my pet, what should I do?”

In this article, first I will share my own story and then will tell you how the power of visualization can help you.

You know the first thing you should do is obviously wait a bit, spend some time outside trying to find your lost pet. So I’ve been doing that for, like, the last hour and a half. And at some point, you just have to be like, “Ah, hopefully, he’ll come back or somebody else will find him.”

So is ten forty-five, not ten forty-seven. Let’s see how long it takes me to find him.

Fist attempts to find my lost pet

I’m currently walking around my neighborhood handing out flyers. The adoption places and pounds and shelters in my area. Thankfully, we have a microchip, so if anyone does find me – they’ll call me right away.

But yeah, I’m at the point where I’m almost out of options and it’s everything. So after probably twenty-four hours, I think it was, I finally found my pet, I was actually trying to find my husband to tell him that I was going to bed. And I thought for some reason that he had gone out on the porch. And so I went out front to say goodnight to him and I walked out and Fusa was standing on the front porch and he was like, you know, like that cat, like the Halloween cats were all arched and use all Poovey and stuff.

Like this sense of relief that I had was just immense. And so I didn’t want to scare them off because that’s the whole reason why we lost him in the first place. So I just sat down and I knew that he wanted to come home, obviously, because he was there. And I’m sure he was hungry because it had been like twenty-four hours since he had been there. And I sat down on the ground and he just he hopped down and he was very scared, but he slowly walked over to me and it was the sweetest thing. He crawled into my lap and he put his arms over my shoulder and just rubbed his head up against my face. And I was like, oh, my God, I want to murder you. Not really. But it was just a really rough experience.

The power of visualization

One of the things that you can do is you can send out searcher angels.

And so you sort of connecting with the fact that, OK, I have angels or spirit guides are out there that are specifically there to help me find things. So think about finding your lost car keys, finding you a good parking spot. And so I connect to them. I talk to them and I say, “Hey, please help me find my cat”.

And I just send that energy and that energy of love and please help me towards them. And then I sort of visualize them running all over all the directions away from me to go help find Maphosa. And, you know, even if they’re not doing that, the visualization at least help helps calm me down.

Besides talking to your animal when they’re gone, even I struggle with this. I’m an animal communicator. I talk to everyone else’s animals when they disappear. It’s really hard when your own bias is in the way.

So if there’s any way you could pull tarot cards, talk to somebody else or I mean, I’m not discouraging the fact that you should try to connect with your pets, but do it in a very non-emotional way. You have to you really to set aside your biases of where they could or couldn’t be. You’ve got to set aside all of your emotions, angry, sad, whatever.

You have to be clean and clear, should be able to receive that psychic information and know that it’s not like tainted, if that makes sense. So those are sort of the communication things that you can do. Obviously, I think that putting the intention into I’m going to find them with putting up flyers, putting up notices on like the next door app, just like letting people know and actively taking the time to go out and seek them and call their name. I feel like that’s that’s the intention that I’m going to find them and I’m not giving up. And I think the biggest thing is you just can’t feel like you’re going to give up. Obviously, there’s a point in time where you need to be doing this or else you could be holding onto this forever.

And I think probably an hour or two before I found with Johny, I just hit that gave up give up point and I was just crying. And I was so upset. My husband was like, we’re never going to do. And I think that’s totally inappropriate response.

You can have it. Just know that if you’re trying to connect to them, trying to find them, putting aside those emotions are going to help you best receive that psychic, those intuitive hits. One of the things that I really think helped me to come back was the wind chime that I had in our backyard. And so, you know, I think animals, you’ve got to give them credit. They they do know their way back home. They they know how they left. They have their senses of sight and smell. And I truly think that if they want to come back, they will. There’s a difference between, you know, if if somebody else picked them up and they can’t come back or they legitimately got lost, like one time our dog got out and we were out in the woods and I could feel like his energy was like, I completely don’t know where I am. And he’s kind of dumb like that. So it makes sense. But I think that the chime helped because we have a Japanese chime on our porch and you can hear it from inside. And when the wind blows, it makes this really pretty sound. And so I just had a feeling whenever I was. Connecting to move faster that he could hear that noise and so it was a very good indicator of, oh, I know that noise that’s home.

And so it’s kind of like a beacon of how to find your way back home. So my recommendation is, if you find your animal, everything’s great, go out and get some sort of chime or something that’s unique so that your animals can get used to the noise. And then if they ever do get out again, it’s really easy for them to find their way back home, obviously, if they’re within range of hearing. I think the biggest thing, you know, when you do find your pet at the end of this is to stop and just ask, OK, what’s the message here? You know, this didn’t happen. Coincidentally, it happened for a reason. And I truly think that sometimes it happens because our pets are grumpy. And I 100 percent believe this is what happened. Was Fosset like the week leading up to him leaving? He was constantly trying to escape. You so grumpy, you so angry at our dog and our other cat. And he was just causing fights all the time. And so I stopped and I sort of was like, OK, lost home, great. But what caused this? How can I prevent this in the future? And I kind of connected with him and I just got this general, like, I’m not happy right now, you know, I’m pissed of the dog piss of the cat.

I feel like you don’t give me enough attention. And I totally wasn’t. And so that was a great opportunity for me to step up and be a better pet parent. And so ever since, I’ve been super love you as Maphosa. And even when I get angry at him for being angry at well, I used to be angry at him for being angry at one of the other pets. But now instead, what I do is I just give him love. It’s like, OK, you’re grumpy, it’s OK to be grumpy. But here’s some love instead of more grumpiness. And I think that he’s become a way more lovey cat because of it. So if you’re going through this right now, I’m so sorry. I totally know what it feels like. Just try to remember not to catastrophe’s. Try not to think of the absolute worst, because not only does that just not it’s not good for your mental health. It’s not good law of attraction wise. You know, if you’re constantly thinking about all the ways that this situation could go wrong, you know, the universe sends you more of what you’re thinking is what I like to think. So if you’re constantly thinking about if you’re constantly visualizing that pet coming home or are you getting a phone call and someone being like, I found them, you know, sending those vibes to the universe of this can happen, this is going to happen is sometimes the very least that you can do if you’re still struggling to find your pet.

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