How to find a lost dog

So today we’re going to be talking about what to do if you lose your dog, which is obviously a terribly upsetting situation and one that we have been through with Kora. So when she was a little puppy, we walked through a field and I know the dog came running out. So she did a runner who lost. I was pouring down rain, couldn’t find it anywhere. And we didn’t even know the first thing to do.

When you’ve lost a dog – you should ring the kennel clubs. Other than that, you can go to the police and file them as a missing person.

1. Use a microchip

So here’s what to do. If you do lose your dog that has the microchips, I would hope that they have to make sure you’ve got the microchip place where you registered them. Make sure that all of your details are OK today and make sure you register them as lost or stolen.

2. Contact the local authorities

Make sure that you contact local authorities as well, such as other councils nearby, because the dog might have crossed over into a different region. You need to contact these because they are responsible for all stray dogs found in the area. This is the same with vets. Make sure we contact all the vets in the near vicinity. So if your dog’s been injured, they might have been found and dropped off that between contacting the kennels. So this is something that you definitely should do. You’ve only got around seven days to do this because once they’ve been dropped off, you’ve got seven days until they’ll be returned or unfortunately, put down.

We do not like the sound of that, do you? So make sure you do contact all the kennels and provide all the details for them to if they do get any dogs dropped off that.

3. Leverage social media

Post on social media, and I feel like this is completely underestimated. You’ve got everyone from your local area on there and you can let everybody know who can then share this with their friends also in local areas.

4. Use offline posters and flyers

This goes the same for real life. Get you posted up, put them out there, go to local parks, local lampposts everywhere. Just make sure all those posters are out there. Make sure your poster has a picture of the said dog with contact details, obviously. Then maybe what they might come to call. Do you think your dog’s been stolen?

5. Call the police

Call the police, give them a description. And if you’ve got any evidence, they might as well visit places where older dog walkers go as well.

You can tell them about your lost dog and hopefully they can keep an eye out, spread the word for the dog walkers and, you know, they’ll be looking out for them because they have dogs. Know how it feels. Lastly, don’t give up hope if you’ve not found your dog within a week. You heard about the dog that travel thousands of miles across the U.S. to find their family. So it is possible to find them.

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