Lost dog flyer

In this article, I’ll be showing you how to create a flyer using the tools given in Microsoft Word.

The flyers can be used for several reasons.

  • You could create one and hang them in the hallway at work or church.
  • You could make one to inform your neighbors of your upcoming yard sale.
  • You can even put them around the school to encourage students to attend a specific extracurricular activity.

But for this particular example, I’m going to keep it simple and create a flyer for a lost dog. To begin with, you need to open Word, which I’ve already done, and it immediately gives you a lot of templates for notes and resumé, a journal brochure, all sorts of different templates for any type of document you might want to make.

But like I said, we’re going to do a lot of flyers. So we’ll tap in Search Bar and see what it pulls up.

And it gives us all different counts, some for an event, some for parties, some, like I said, for sales. Just informative flyers for any type of event or party or gathering. As I said, we’re doing a lot of one, so I’m going to use the lost pet flower that it provides just to keep it, just to keep things simple. And my first thing was, I would want this to be kept locked so everyone. But no exactly would be in big, big, bold letters. What the purpose of the flyer is.


I’m going to insert a different picture. I have a picture of a different dog on my computer that we’re going to use just to demonstrate how to upload a new picture instead of using a Dalmatian that it provides to you to insert pictures. This would be for if you already have a picture of a dog’s eye on your computer. And in this case, I do. So we’re going to use this dog. And as you can see, the picture is bigger than the one before. So it runs off the page. But that’s really easy to fix just by minimizing the size of the picture. Look down. Still needs to be a little smaller. To make room for. Every detail that the flyer needs. And then we can start filling out all the things at the bottom and our dog will call him Sam.

And he is a male Maltese and he’s white. And also, he will say he’s too.

And he has long hair and this is marking you just fill this out, have your dog looks, but. This one, he’s just solid white.

With a brown nose.

And the contact information we can use my name, pretend, and just add a phone number of.

Sorry for that little glitch, but we can just make up an email.

And any type of address.

This is last seen so we can say he was last seen on Smith Road. Owen will use yesterday’s date, which was April 5th. Twenty, seventeen, and then the story about how the dog went missing, we can just say he.

Sam escaped. Out of the backyard fence. And Ranulph. He was an.

Wants to be home.

Then we can say we are offering. Two hundred and fifty dollar reward for whoever can bring. Sam, home safely.

And then you can zoom out and there’s your flyer, is that word makes it really simple, just pick a template, any type of flyer you might need. You could switch it away, switch it. It’s just the templates that word gives us or just. There templates there just an idea of where to get started and you can you can make it look, however, which way you wanted to if we wanted to change the. The font color or anything, you know, it’s all just for you to base a flower off of, it’s really simple, really easy, and it could be really helpful if you’re in a hurry or you don’t know where to start.

So here’s my last dog flyer, and I hope that’ll help you in the future.

You can download a sample below:

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