Lost pet flyer resources

Your dog has run away, and you’re devastated! You immediately call your local animal shelter and post signs around your neighborhood, but the hours seem interminable as you wait for any news. While it’s true that your dog could have wandered off and gotten lost in the nearby woods, there’s still a slim chance he’s alive and well. The key to finding him is to focus your efforts in the right places by posting flyers and checking with local shelters. Here’s how to get started.

Post a flyer with a picture of your pet on a popular lost pet site, such as Lost Pet Sos. After you’ve posted the flyer, contact local shelters, schools, veterinarians, and pet sitters to let them know you have lost your pet and ask them to keep an eye out for it.

Your lost pet flyer should include:

  1. Name of pet
  2. Breed of pet
  3. Weight of pet
  4. Physical traits of pet
  5. Contact information of the owner

Our list of free lost pet flyer resources:

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