Meditation to find a lost pet

We created this meditation to help you find a pet, to help you find the ways to bring that pet and create a pathway so that beloved animal can find its way back home, or at least to another human who can help the animal then find its way home. One of the things that I want you to know, in addition to finding animals, this meditation that we’re going to do together in just a few moments also works for lost objects. So it doesn’t have to be a living, breathing animal for you to be able to use this meditation.

But my heart is in the living and breathing animals. So that’s what I want to do. This meditation for today, the music that we’re going to use is like a hawk. And it’s from his album Garden of Illusions. And it’s the title of the particular piece we’re using is Suspended Love. Isn’t That Interesting? Suspended Love. So what I’d like you to do is to just take a couple of deep breaths and relax. I’m going to turn the music on here.


And as I do, if you will, just sit back with me and just let go taking a breath and then releasing it out and taking a breath in.

Leasing it out, go ahead, let your shoulders just come down, let the space between your brow just relax, just allowing yourself to just let go and relax.

And know that we’re together in this moment in time in love, and that together we’re going to do our best to make a pathway for that little animal to find its way.

What I invite you to do now is to imagine above your head a divine white light just moving into the top of your head and filling your entire body and. Being filled with this luminous, beautiful, white, divine light of love.

Allowing that light just fill your whole being.

Breathe it in.

So as you relax and feel your being. With the divine light, with the luminous sparkling light of. I now invite you to imagine that light centering right here in the center of your heart, the arch around you may even notice the heat in this area of your body.

And as you noticed, that flight gathering and brightening and sparkling right here in your heart.

Imagine that that light is now coming out from you as a stream of being a hard beam of love.

And now imagine that being used in a three hundred and sixty degree circle.

And as that line moves around, allowing it to make an entire circumference once. And then you start back again, you’ll notice that one spot makes you want to just stop it, maybe like a little jerk, it may just be a voice in your head that says stop, but you notice.

And let that be from your heart right along that pathway, even more allowing that bill to brighten along that pathway.

And then as you do begin to see the beloved animal on that beam on the pathway.

Just imagine that a little animal or that larger animal on that pathway sending out every ounce of love you have toward that beloved four legged child.

Just permeate that little. As you do that.

Also, as this map increases, then I would like you to think of your solar plexus and right here in your solar plexus, while you’re holding this hard beam, you’re also going to be bringing out another beam of light.

And here you’re going to create a circle like a bubble of this slide. So you have this hard beam coming out and you found the right pathway where the little one ends and you’re imagining that a little one in all his glory, you can see her coat, you can feel her breath on your face, you can hear the meow or the barking or the ring or whatever the noise the animal makes, whatever that voice is.

And at this then, as you do that, you’re also bringing out a beam from the solar plexus and creating a bubble. Now from that heart, that beam put the animal in a bubble. So you have this beam of light with one bubble from the heart and then from the solar plexus.

You’re bringing out another beam with another bubble.

Do you actually have two bubbles, one from the heart and one from the solar plexus, the animal on the beam in from your heart.

Now, bring that animal and those two bubbles together.

And as you bring them together. You then begin to pull them back to you.

Beam of light using the solar plexus and the heart block using the power of the solar plexus and the power of the heart lung.

You’re bringing that.

And as you do this, just sit in gratitude, marvelous wonderous gratitude. Thank you. Thank you for bringing this a little one home. Thank you, Angels. Thank you, guys. Spirit, kind of this little animal. Thank you for bringing this one to me or for sending this little one to the path of another.

And now bringing you back. To your world in this moment in time, knowing that your precious one.

Knowing all the angels and all of the spirit guides are there to help. And as they come forward, as you.

Reach out to your precious. And every time your intuition says turn left or turn right when you’re out looking.

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