My dog has a chip: how do I find him?

There are a couple of things you could do in order to try and find your lost dog if he does ever get lost.

I’m going to show you four ways how you can hopefully find your dog if he ever manages to get lost.

Method 1: make flyers

Your first option will always be to make flyers. Open up your pages. This is why it’s important to always have a picture of your dog if you don’t have a picture of your dog. It’s going to be pretty hard trying to find a lost dog. Boom, there we go, we imported a picture, let’s put as the title Lost Dargo, several things you want to include on your poster, the first being lost dog.

  • Important: Make sure people are able to read this from a pretty far distance so you can want to make the font big.
  • The second thing you’re going to need will be his name.
  • The third thing you should add to your poster will be. How someone will contact you, that being I would recommend just adding a phone number and an email boom, don’t call that number.

I have no idea whose number that is. That’s what we have so far. We have lost dog. We have the name. We have a way for them to contact us.

Sadly, the most important thing you will need to put on the poster will be the reward. If you don’t put a reward, there’s a higher chance that people will not contact you, since keeping the dog will be a reward by itself. So make sure you put a reward for your dog. Try not to go stingy on the reward just so they’re encouraged to call after you have your poster created, make several copies of this, spread this out all throughout your city.

Method 2: Explore the alternative routes

This has been one way on how you can find your lost dog now that you guys have made the posters, you need to go to the areas that you believe your dog would be around. Believe it or not, your dog will most likely travel the opposite way of the normal route you guys take just because dogs like to discover new areas. So go the completely opposite way and start spreading those posters like HIV.

I didn’t print any posters, but I did make these.

I will be removing these on the way back. So no, I am not vandalizing. Catch me in the street. How about that?

Go around leaving your posters all throughout the city, you’re going to want to make sure your posters aren’t going to be taken down, so make sure you put a lot of tape on them.

Method 3: Leverage social media!

It’s I the next possible option on how you can find your dog will have to be social media. This generation is the Internet generation. Take advantage of this. Post a picture of the poster on all of your social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, telling your friends to forward the picture. The more awareness that your dogs lost, the better it is. Try to spread that thing like HIV. That joke was not targeted to all the HIV people 😀

Method 4: Contact the local shelters

Contact your animal shelter that could either be ASPCA or whatever animal shelter you guys have, let them know that your dog is lost. Give them a way to contact you as well. If someone finds your dog and they don’t want it, they will most likely return it to an animal shelter. If you guys didn’t know, since the animal shelters are so packed. If a dog is in the shelter, I believe 10 days, I could be wrong. Don’t quote me on that. They will euthanize your dog. So you have 10 days to save your dad died. So in those 10 days, you better be hitting the VTEC. So check your local animal shelter.

Method 5: Use the Craiglist

It’s kind of scary that the been another find out how to try to get in contact with your lost dog will be Craigslist.

Make a Craigslist ad similar to the poster, letting people know that you have lost your dog. Let your dog take pictures everywhere when your dog takes pictures. That’s the only way they leave their scent. If there’s no scent they know anywhere around them, how are they supposed to find their way back? Take your dog all throughout the city. Let them take pictures everywhere. That means you have to exercise your dog. Someone asked the question, why is my dog smelling grass? And he doesn’t want to move. That’s because some other dog left his scent. Another dog took a pit in the exact same spot.

How to prevent the escape using a microchip

I will be going over to things that you can do before your dog escapes that will somewhat easier mind and give you hope on you finding your dog. The first thing will be to get your dog microchip when you go either to a pet store or the vet to give your dog their shots, they give you an option to microchip your dog.

People misunderstand the microchip and they believe that they can track their dog wherever they are. That is not true.

All the microchip does: If your dog is ever taken to a vet, then the vet will scan for the microchip and get a hold of you. The microchip has all your information in it, as in your telephone number, your address. I believe that’s it.

Like, what the hell, if your dog is microchipped, that does not mean you have a 100 percent guarantee that you will find them. The microchip only works if your dog is taken to a pound or an animal shelter. If someone decides to be a douche and keep your dog. I’m sorry, but there is absolutely nothing you can do.

All of you dog owners should own this. That is a dog collar ID. I had this made for four dollars on Amazon. This is a must for all dog owners.

Every dog owner needs to have this. If your dog gets lost, you will feel super guilty just because you didn’t buy this. This is customizable up to four lines.

  1. Dog lost.
  2. Please call now.
  3. The phone number is right there.
  4. I’m also Microchipped

This is the best way on how to give you any slight hope on you finding your dog a dog. Caller I.D. is the cheapest purchase you can make to ensure your dog’s safety and return home. Go down to the description, buy it. It’s only four dollars. Some people don’t really like to go through the trouble of trying to find a dog owner. That’s where the dog ID tag comes in. Every dog needs to have a dog ID. I’ll throw the link down to the description. Make sure you guys buy this.

That’s pretty much all the tips I have. If you guys are here because you lost your dog, I hope this video helped you guys out. If your dog did get lost, do all the things I mentioned in this video and your chances of finding your dog will increase dramatically. There is good people in this world and there are bad people in this world. Some people will keep your dog just like if you lose your phone. Some people will keep your phone, stay optimistic.

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