The best way to find a lost dog (when anything else did not work)

First of all, I want to share my story with you:

So basically what happened was about three weeks after I read The Secret, I didn’t know the law of attraction before this, my dog and we were taking my husband and I were taking her on a walk with our other dog and she ended up running away and she got off like a crazy thing was it was an awful park. But we always kept her on release because it sounds bad to say she was a bad dog, but she really was not trained properly. She was kind of feral like she was kind of a wild animal. In fact, the vets told me that I know dogs derived from Wolf, but they told me that this dog, they think that she might have even had like a wolf parrot because she was such a wild dog.

And when we got her, she was physically abused and we rescued her. So she was always kind of crazy. But when we took her on walks, sometimes we’d let her run off the leash, but we’d always keep her on it because then we had to grab her really quick. So she happened to have a leash on her. But basically what happened was she got the scent of something, I believe it was a deer and she just took off!.

So, my husband and I spent hours looking for her. We ended up going home, taking my dog, my other dog home, and going back out. We got people from our restaurant to come out like our workers. And a few customers even came out and helped us look for her. And we couldn’t find her anywhere. And I called my sister and I remember her saying to me, You just told me that you believed in the secret stuff. You were just telling me about how you watch the movie by Rhonda Byrne. And you were telling me how you started starting to read books. She’s like, if you believe it, then use it. And that kind of, like, really hit hard with me, like I have to use it.

So I did what Rhonda Byrne said to do, and I put my dog’s food in her bowl and I pretended like she was coming home.

And I talked to my husband as if she was coming home. And I said to him, I’m one hundred percent positive she’s coming home. And the thing is, with the seat with the law of attraction is I think it’s hard because as you believe it and the years go by, you sort of you still believe it, but you don’t have that faith that you kind of. In the beginning, I hate to say it, but that’s what I had, I had I have one hundred percent unwavering faith. So every single day I would visualize her.

And what I would visualize was for Christmas, it was only a few days before Christmas. And I would visualize my husband and I crossing the border from Buffalo into from Canada into Buffalo, which is where I had to cross to go visit my sister. And I would visualize the Border Patrol officer saying, wow, what a beautiful dog you have. And the funny thing was, my dog is kind of like scraggly looking. And like I said, she was wild. So she definitely did not look like she was cute, but she didn’t look like a somebody. And somebody would say, oh, my gosh, your dog’s adorable.

So I visualize this every single time I visualize it. I laughed because it made it made it kind of funny to me, but it helped me kind of relax. And I just remember you have to picture the end result. You have to picture the end result. So you guys have to understand the reason why this story is so crazy is because our restaurant where it’s located is in the middle of nowhere in Canada. And we were driving around looking for her every day, like miles away from where she was. So we couldn’t find her at the park. So we would drive down the street and just scream out her name or walk around the fields. And I mean, this is the middle of nowhere. And like I said, we were miles away from where she was. So we would just do this every single day. We did it for four days, even close our restaurant and just continuously looked and everyone was telling me, I’m sorry, are you just going to have to deal with the fact that she might not be coming? You might have to put down the newspaper like we have put signs up. But one of my workers was very adamant that I put something in the newspaper and I kept telling her, no, she’s coming back. She’s coming back on the day before we leave. The day we leave, the day before we leave for Christmas.

And everyone was like, it’s not going to happen. It’s not that. I mean, people were being really negative. And I just had to literally just kind of. To come out and be like, I know she’s coming home and in fact my work or the night before I was like, you have to put an ad in the newspaper. I said to her, I looked at her. I said, listen, you may not believe in the law of attraction because we kind of read the book together. I said, but I believe in the law of attraction. And I am one hundred percent positive that this dog is coming home tonight. And we are going to. Pittsburgh together to visit my sister for Christmas, and that is one hundred percent, I’m not I don’t have any doubt, am I? Worker was sort of like she’s not everyone was looking at me like I was going crazy. So basically what ended up happening was the night before we were supposed to leave for Pittsburgh, I said to my husband, we’re going to find him tonight. So we drove where she was and the previous guy had left the Blak her blanket, thinking maybe she would smell it and come back. But she wasn’t she wasn’t out there. And everyone was telling me there’s wild animals and cannot breathe. It was freezing cold. But that part I wasn’t really worried about because my dog, like I said, was kind of wild.

And that wasn’t the scary part for me. The scary part for me was that we would never see her again. So anyway, we thought with a blanket she was not there. So we ended up driving down the street like miles away. And I said, pull over right here and call her name. I said, I have a feeling about this spot right here. So we pulled over and we called her name. And then all of a sudden my husband said to me, there is some animal coming up behind us. And I was like, oh, my gosh, my heart just stop beating. Well, it didn’t really stop beating anything your heart, but it was crazy. I was like, oh, my gosh. I opened my back door and my dog Brisbane just hopped in and she literally hopped in like she hadn’t been got. She’d been gone for five minutes instead of five days. And the funny thing was when she was like feeding off of something because she was fatter when she left with more fat. But I the first thing I did was immediately drive to my friend, the worker’s friend’s house, and I I rang her doorbell and I just held my dog up. And when she opens the door, she was just she had this shocked look on her face.

And she was like, I believe in the law of attraction. And that was for me, that was the best that was the best reward was even more rewarding than getting my dog back was because I just couldn’t believe, because I kept telling her about the law of attraction and telling her, you know, it’s real, it’s real. I really feel it’s real. And when I got her back, it was just so crazy because like they said, the circumstances were so bizarre that she thought the middle of nowhere. But this was the crazy part for me. So there were two parts that I did not mention that I really want to tell you guys. So the first thing was that the day before we lost her, ah, the day before we found her, my mother in law and I drove all around looking for her. And my mother in law was like, I’m so sorry, but I don’t think you’re going to find her like she was. So she was basically kind of being negative, but she wasn’t trying to be. But she was. So when she when I dropped her off, I drove back. And it’s one hour drive from her house to my restaurant. And I said the entire time, thank you, God, for bringing Brisbane back to me. And I said, thank you, God, thank you, universe. And I said it over and over and over and over again for about an hour, ten minutes.

And when I got back to the restaurant, I really, really believed what I wanted you guys to take from that is that at first when I was saying and I was thanking God or the universe in advance. That’s one of the strongest things like powerful things you can do is just thank God or whatever you believe in or think the universe in advance. But the other thing was, I didn’t believe it at first, but my subconscious mind, after saying it out loud for about an hour and 10 minutes, it just started believing. So I want to talk more about the subconscious mind later. But I just want you guys to understand that we do not realize how powerful the subconscious minds are. So if you don’t believe something, if you start saying it over and over and over and over and over again, eventually your brain is like a computer chip and eventually it’s going to believe it. So that, I believe, was the key, honestly, the key thing that really helped me to manifest getting her back. And the second thing I wanted to tell you guys. Was that when I crossed the border, they the Border Patrol agent said to me, your dog is so beautiful, she should be a show dog. And I was sort of like this one.

Right. And I know it sounds really me, but I pointed to my border collie who’s like, adorable, and they were like, no, no, no. The other one. And quickly, I was seriously, like in a state of shock because every single time I had that doubt, every single time I had even like a tiny bit of doubt, I would go back to remembering myself crossing the border. I kept picturing that end result and just picturing it and picturing it, picturing it and picturing the Border Patrol agent saying, wow, you’ve got a beautiful dog. And when it actually happened, it was sort of just, you know, you kind of get like a little, as Jack Canfield says. And the secret I think I’ve mentioned this before, but you kind of get like a twilight zone feeling. And that’s sort of how I felt, because I couldn’t believe that they were saying that my dog should be a show dog because, like I said, she’s wild looking, is crazy. And she almost didn’t even look at the dog. She’ll look more like a wolf. So basically, I feel like I’ve rambled on here and I hope that I’ve made some sense. And I just want you guys to take with those two lessons that if you are number one, if you’re trying to manifest a pet, just believe that she that you’re here is out there. And like I said, make sure that you’re putting food in the bowl.

Make sure that you’re talking about the dog or the cat or whatever is missing as if they are coming back. Don’t talk about it like I hope she comes back, speak about the animal as if they are coming back. And also, please make sure that you picture the end result. That’s extremely important. So when I say the end result, I don’t mean like I just mean like the feelings of how you would feel when you get your animal back. That’s the most important feelings. And just make sure that you feel the feelings, because obviously it’s a feeling universo. You can’t just be like you kind of feel you need to really feel the feelings of what it would feel like to have that animal back. And you just have to have faith. And I know that’s really hard sometimes, but please know my dog jumped out of a bush in the middle of Canada in the winter time when. We thought there was no hope, so if that can happen and anything is possible. So I just I really wanted to make this article because I’m really, really, really a huge animal lover and I know how scary it is. And I just want you guys to know that as great as that story was, I told you that my dog ended up passing away a couple of years later.

And I often ask myself, why did God make her die at such an early age and why did we lose her? But I believe that everything happens for a reason. And I believe that God made my dog run away so that we could appreciate the two years that we had with her because I didn’t take a date for granted after that. Every single day when I woke up, the first thing I did was run to that dog, Jessa, and tell her how much I love her. I loved her and let her know that she was appreciated. And I feel like I would not have done that. So even though the story kind of has like a sad ending, I do feel like God did that or the universe did that on purpose. So you kind of have to ask yourself why things are happening, but there’s always a reason for it, even if you may not be able to know it at that time. So now that I rambled your ear off yourself, I hope that you enjoyed my post. And I’ve made the decision that even if I’m rambling or whatever, I’m still going to post the videos because it’s just me. I like to ramble. That’s my personality.

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