What to do if you find a lost dog

Let’s talk about what happens when you find a lost dog.

The dog may carry the contact info

Now, some dogs are going to be microchipped and some aren’t and some are going to have a little tag with the owner’s phone number on it.

First steps after finding a lost dog

Of course, if you find one that has the owner’s phone number on it, call the owner. But a lot of times these dogs are lost and they don’t have a tag on their collar or maybe they don’t even have a collar, but they don’t have a tag on the color of the owner’s phone number.

So hopefully they have a microchip. And if you have a dog that’s not a microchip yet – get over to your vet and get it.

So if your dog was found, the chip number would show the organization or the veterinarian clinic where it was checked. So right now, I used to think it was a lot more expensive to get it in your name. But right now, in 2021, when I’m writinng this, it’s nineteen dollars and ninety-five cents to put it in your name.

So I talk to them about what’s happening because if your dog gets lost and doesn’t have a phone number on it and it gets turned over to you, even if it does have a tag, if it gets turned over to the county, you’re going to have to pay money to get that dog back.

And many times people cannot afford to get their dog back. And in some counties near where I live, they don’t even post how much it costs online. And the county where I live, you have all these fees. I mean, it could be hundreds of dollars just to get your dog back.

What you should do instead of buying a microchip reader

So here’s what the avid people suggested. If you ever find a dog that’s lost and it doesn’t have the owner’s phone number on the tag, take it to your nearest animal hospital, veterinary clinic and they will have a chip reader. And they said that most of the time the vets are pretty good about not making you turn the dog into the county. So what you want to do then is call it so you can go online to their website or call them.

So if you want, they’ll give the dog owner your phone number so that just you and the dog owner can talk about where to meet.

You won’t have to give a phone number

But if you don’t want to give your phone number, you don’t have to if. If they call the owner and all they’re getting is voice mail and all the phone numbers they have, they’ll sometimes they’ll leave a message with your phone number if you want.

But they said if they’re calling and it doesn’t say their name in the greeting, another reason to record your name on your cell phone, if it just does a phone number, they’ll just leave a message for that person to call them and then they’ll still be that go between with the two of you so that you can meet somewhere so that the owner can get the dog back. So that is my advice to you. If you ever find a lost dog and you really want to help the owner out. Don’t turn it over to the county. They might not be able to afford to get the dog back and take it to your nearest vet, get the chip read or wherever in your area. Someone has a microchip reader and then call avid and take it from there. And it’s just, you know, sometimes I look at this little dog that I got. Her owners couldn’t afford to get her back. She was already chipped. They hadn’t turned. They hadn’t registered their dog. The chip was registered with the organization that maybe they were at an event some time and some organization was doing chipping and they got their dog microchip done. And that’s who it was listed to. But the county put it together and reached out to them and they couldn’t afford to get the dog. So, you know, their loss was my game. But, you know, I’d be heartbroken if I lost this little one now. So that’s how it works. All right. So let’s connect dogs back with their owners where they belong the first time around and get your dog shipped as soon as possible.

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