Why Does My Dog Chew Its Toys on Me?

Dogs have been around humans for many ages. We understand many things they do, but yet many things remain mysterious. Chewing toys on your lap is one of those things! 

Some dogs love to carry their favorite toys with them. They chew these toys to stay calm while you are busy. Your dog may get on your lap and then chew its toys. You may wonder “why does my dog chew his toys on me”. 

Some reasons explain this behavior of dogs. Continue reading to understand this behavior of your pooch. 

What does encourage your pet to chew its toys on your lap?

Your dog is quite playful and it loves you a lot. That’s why it often jumps into your lap and chews its toys there. The dog knows you appreciate it when it’s around. It believes you love hugging and playing. Therefore, your pet carries its toys to you to have some fun. 

The dog won’t always chew its toys on you. Its bed or the couch is probably the most preferred place. Since it likes to stay active, the pooch can do weird things time and again. One of the following reasons also explains why the dog chews its toys on you!  

Your Fido feels more comfortable

Dogs know how to get comfortable. They don’t usually get close to people until they trust someone. Your pet has been around for a long time and it trusts you. It appreciates the comfort you offer and your presence is quite valuable for the dog. Therefore, the dog does its favorite activities around you. 

Kids also do the same thing and dogs are like small kids. They feel safe and comfortable in your lap. That comfort can encourage your pooch to pick its toy and sit on your lap while playing.  

Do not get angry if your pet does this thing more often. It is your dog’s way of showing that it trusts you and always wants to be with you. 

The dog wants to play

Even slowest dog breed cannot stay cooped inside the house throughout the day. It is an active creature and it likes to get entertained. If you have been busy with work and your pet was leashed for hours, it will come to you for some playtime. 

The dog is chewing its toy on you because it wants to play with you. Observe your pet’s actions when it is sitting on your lap. Is it aggressively chewing the toy and scratching your leg, hands, or chest? It’s a sign that the dog is feeling bored. It wants to play and you aren’t doing enough to please the pooch. 

The dog will chew its toys on you quite often if you don’t let it play. Allow your pooch to get outside and play around the house. It will keep the pet entertained and happy. 

The dog is craving your attention

It is not possible to always be around the pet. You got a job and household chores that will keep you busy. Pets do not care what you are doing, they always seek your attention. Both cats and dogs have their ways of expressing their disappointment. Some dogs simply growl and bark and some pick their toys to chew in the owner’s lap. 

Your dog has been playing alone for a while and now it wants to be with you. The pooch is seeking your attention and you should spend a few minutes with it. This trick will help you get the dog off your lap and focus on the work. 

What should you do to prevent the dog from chewing its toys on you?

Follow the below-given tips to discourage that behavior! 

Pick a play area

Pick a comfortable spot in your house where you can play with the pet without disturbing others. Accompany your pet while it’s playing every day. The dog will never disturb you when you are busy. It will calmly play in its space and get excited when you are there. 

Stand up!

You should stand up and stroll around the house whenever the pooch brings its toys to play on you. The dog will follow you and seek your attention to play. Go to your pet’s bed and pet the dog there for a while. Do it daily and the dog will never jump on your lap to play!

Train your pet

The simplest way to control the weird behaviors of a dog is training. You should start training your pet to make it follow all the commands. So, whenever the dog approaches you, command it to stop and sit. The dog will follow your commands and you will offer delicious treats for good behavior. 

Pet parents should never get angry if the pooch chews its toys on the lap. It is a controllable behavior and you will see positive results within a week! 

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